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The Power of the Ripple Effect

Thanks to all who made a gift in support of the Make Waves with One Student Campaign. It is more significant than you might think. Your generosity allows us to provide resources and services to help students and their allies to address sexual assault and create a culture of consent. We know the power of the ripple effect, because we have seen it in action while working with students like Chaz, Chrissy, Jess and Ryan. Together, we are shifting culture one student at a time. Thank you for making waves with us!

“One Student has helped show me how powerful my voice––or anyone else’s––can be in the fight against sexual assault and the different aspects of our society that can influence people to downplay it. Kelly and Becca have done an awesome job of educating students and raising awareness about sexual violence around the world, and I’m looking forward to see all else that they accomplish together.” – Chaz, New York University ‘21


“One Student helped me create an important dialogue about consent and sexual health at the University of Maryland and within my chapter. I have learned to be a better bystander, listener, friend and sister at any given time or place. These conversations are ones that I will continue to help facilitate for the rest of my life. Thank you, One Student!”  – Chrissy, University of Maryland ‘17


“OneStudent has helped me become the strong person I am today. In my undergraduate, I worked with the No Woman Left Behind project and a sexual violence prevention internship that helped me realize I was a victim–now a survivor–of domestic and sexual violence. No one had ever told me that what had happened wasn’t a normal part of dating and relationships, but once I knew, OneStudent was there. They gave me a place to publish my views and experiences to help others who might have been in my situation. During my graduate degree, they helped bring the organization to my campus, which ultimately led to policy change around stalking and partner violence, and Becca came to speak to LGBTQ+ students during Pride Week. I am forever grateful, more than Becca and Kelly will ever know, for their positive impact on my life.” – Jess, University of Texas at El Paso MSW ‘17


“One Student helped empower me to contribute in a positive way on my undergraduate campus, and that leadership and those skills have transitioned to my adult life. One Student helped me practice and hone and understand my advocacy around sexual violence better, and this has enabled me to become a better advocate in all walks of life, including through writing, speaking, social media and my professional life. I am grateful for the opportunity One Student gave me to play a role in something bigger than myself, and to help “make waves” on an issue where we need it the most.”    – Ryan, Drake University ‘12


Students like this prove how powerful the ripple effect can be. #consentculture #iamonestudent

If you’d like to make a gift to support the Make Waves with One Student Campaign, please Click here to donate. 


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Make Waves with One Student

One Student is all about taking action to reduce sexual violence and create a culture of consent. We need your support to continue the ripple effect, because one sexual assault it too many and one student can make a difference. Please join us in making waves of change to reduce sexual violence and help create a culture of consent. Click here to donate. 

We are fueled by the passion and determination of the students we work with and hold tight to our belief that lasting change can occur if we continue having important conversations. Please help us reach our $6,000 goal so we can continue to be a resource for students and their allies, survivors and their loved ones, activists and advocates who are on the front lines and to parents who are raising children to live in a culture with less sexual violence.  

Just $10 will make a difference and help us continue this important work. $1,000 will help us provide more resources to more people, creating waves of change faster and with a farther reach. But really, giving an amount that’s comfortable for you is all we ask. Please do what you can and know that your gift makes a difference. The Make Waves with One Student Campaign is helping to create a culture of consent. If 20 people contribute, that’s cool. We can do a little bit more. If 100 people participate, even better. The ripple begins to grow. If hundreds of people join the cause, that’s a community shifting culture—together, we are making waves of change! 

Your gift will help One Student deliver:

  • Social norm campaigns, that begin critical conversations on campus, in communities and in homes.
  • One Student workshops for college students and campus professionals
  • Virtual and community programs for parents
  • Resources for survivors and secondary survivors
  • The ability to put powerful tools in the hands of those committed to creating Waves of Change

Thank you for your support!  We appreciate you joining us on our mission to reduce sexual violence and build communities of consent, care and respect.



Make Waves with One Student on Crowdrise




Create a culture of consent

We want to help you change your culture.

The program is outlined here, http://onestudent.org/programs/campus-partnership.

This program has enabled us to work far more deeply and holistically with campuses and organizations to address not only their needs regarding education related to sexual assault but assessment, creating climate change, providing tools, establishing programs and providing expertise to helpinf institutions meet one primary Goal: To change students knowledge, attitudes and behaviors regarding sex, respect, consent and sexual assault—creating what we call a culture on consent.


The way it is facilitated is through numerous campus visits (for both meetings, trainings, preparation and execution of the custom plan for your community). The organization of a team of faculty, students and staff is critical. This team will be a starting point of who we will learn from, educate and provide tools and resources for. Once we do that successfully we will equip them as professionals to better meet the needs of the students they serve. Then it is off to the races….


Our team is also readily available for phone and online meetings. The fees vary based on your location and your specific needs but our pilot partners are receiving a significant discount off ala carte services. Agreements include all programs, consulting, campus visits, resources, professional support, data collection and more for the entire 24 months. The cost, while certainly an investment-is variant based on which services interest you all the most and based on the outcomes a worthy investment.

We would be honored to present you with a formal proposal to review our current offerings and set up a time to discuss what most meets the needs of your community. We do not believe in one size fits all and this is no exception. You know what you need now and we believe our team is best equipped to provide it, this is and must be a very symbiotic relationship. We also limit the number of partners we will accept because of the amount of time and attention we provide them. We are still reviewing partners for 2017-2018 so if you think this is of interest, we would love to take this discussion further.

If you are ready to create a #consentculture. Call us. phone

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Classic Rape Culture, Fred!

So I am sitting in my car at the baseball field (nursing a headache that won’t go away after a week- which sucks but more on that later) and I decide to get caught up on my facebook messages which I am not good about reading. And my very cool friend who I would like to be more like, Lisa sent me some #Bystander education stuff from the Navy. Her fab kid is playing soccer for them and is a genius and all other kind of cool stuff. So I check it out and it’s good and left over from the Biden days when our administration cared about #sexualassault. But I made the fatal flaw…I averted my gaze south…to the comments. And here is what I saw. This genius (see below). Which of course I could not walk away from. Which his argument about men and women being in confined spaces always resulting in #rapeageddon is the weakest argument of all time. It fundamentally says that all men will resort to #rape if enclosed for a period of time with women. Stop for a moment. Does this not enrage you? As a woman? As a man? As a non binary person? As a person drawing air? It’s so twisted. What is tells me is that, “Fred” the author of the comment has some deeply twisted shit to work out. Maybe it’s a lifetime of messaging. Maybe he’s a sexual predator. Maybe he’s an inflammatory prick. But I have heard this so. many. times. And we really need to think about what is being said. Because the message (regardless of the messenger) is very disturbing. It tells victims they deserved it- which they never do. I repeat never. And it perpetuates this myth that men are animals. It makes engaged bystanders feel helpless- not helpful. It starts to undo everything the video I watched before I read Fred’s comment asked us to do. But if we put them together. If we take Fred’s garbage and we reject it. And we talk to our men and women and all breathing people and ask them to assume that we won’t rape each other when we are in close proximity for extended periods of time. And if there is a rapist in our proximity that we accept it is not the survivors fault then maybe…we can really start to move the needle and create a #consentculture. Join us tomorrow as we talk more at 930 on fb live. @onestudentorg



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  • If you are a survivor of sexual assault seeking assistance, please contact your
    Campus or Community Rape Crisis Center, Campus Advocate or Counseling Center
    or contact one of these National resources:

    Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network (RAINN)
    1-800-656-HOPE (4673)

    National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC)

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