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Introducing Anthony

Anthony and his sisterThe energy and optimism of the students we get the chance to work with through One Student affirms that we are on the right track.  Every now and then, we meet an exceptional student whose perspective and determination moves and inspires us beyond words and pushes us to keep dreaming big. Anthony Urias is one of those students. We are excited to introduce Anthony to the One Student community. 

We are honored to have you in the One Student family, please share with your new extended family why you wanted to advance the Mission of One Student?

I believe I was placed on this earth to inspire and help others to change the world.  I believe that it is vital for us as people to have a voice and share our stories with others.  It sets us free and enables everyone around us to own that same freedom.  I admire authenticity and resilience.  I honestly believe One Student represents hope, empowerment, and resilience.
For the last four years I’ve had the privilege of working with inner-city Los Angeles high school students.  I always aimed at motivating them to Read More »
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Interview with Production Fellow Chaz Smith

Name: Chaz Smith
Age: 20
School: University of Pennsylvania
Major: Cinema Studies
Astrological Sign: Libra

ChazWe’re honored to have you join the One Student team, please share with your new extended family why you applied for this fellowship?
I applied for this fellowship after a friend of mine mentioned it to me because I have a strong passion for film and a great desire to impact and make a difference in people’s lives. However, I had absolutely no idea how much I would grow and learn about how and what it means be a supporter, ally, and activist.

What have learned about yourself throughout this experience?
Going into the production of the video, I wanted to create something that would wake people up to the reality of sexual assault because it literally happens everywhere and to a large percentage of the population, but far too often goes unreported because of the nature of the crimes.

Originally, I had planned to use great shock value to impact the audience––I wanted to surprise people with images that would astonish them. After reviewing the original script with Kelly, Becca, Sabrina, and a couple of close friends, allies, and survivors from school, I quickly learned that this was not at all the way to go.

It’s an extremely grave and sensitive topic, but the media works in a way in which it desensitizes our minds to it by making sexual acts (consensual or nonconsensual) seem casual.

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Rapist or Men’s Mag?

The article written by Anna North posted on Jezebel titled “Can You Tell The Difference Between A Men’s Magazine And A Rapist?” blew our eff’n minds. Anyone who says that media does not influence opinions or our desensitize our response to violence against women should read this article: http://jezebel.com/5866602/can-you-tell-the-difference-between-a-mens-magazine-and-a-rapist

Can you tell the difference?

1. There’s a certain way you can tell that a girl wants to have sex . . . The way they dress, they flaunt themselves.

2. Some girls walk around in short-shorts . . . showing their body off . . . It just starts a man thinking that if he gets something like that, what can he do with it?

3. A girl may like anal sex because it makes her feel incredibly naughty and she likes feeling like a dirty slut. If this is the case, you can try all sorts of humiliating acts to help live out her filthy fantasy.

4. Mascara running down the cheeks means they’ve just been crying, and it was probably your fault . . . but you can cheer up the miserable beauty with a bit of the old in and out. Read More »

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Seeking Production Fellow

Do you have a story to tell? Are you ready to inspire the next great conversation about social change? Do you want to challenge people’s thoughts about sexual assault, gender-based violence prevention, healthy relationships, social justice and sexual empowerment?

One Student is seeking talented students with film and media experience to help develop and produce fresh and positive social norm videos that support the mission of the organization. Students may apply in teams, use the project for academic credit and will retain shared ownership of all completed works. Production Fellows will receive professional guidance, coaching, a modest supply budget and stipend to be paid upon conclusion of project. Completed works will be distributed globally, screened at national events and made available to hundreds of universities, nonprofits and community organizations.

MISSION: One Student is a nonprofit organization that provides students and their allies with programs, resources and opportunities to address sexual violence.

POSITION DESCRIPTION: Responsible for developing concept(s), storyline, scripting, production timeline and creation of an educational video that supports the mission of the organization. Projects must be no more than 5 minutes in length, include positive and inclusive language with a primary focus on areas within the scope of One Student resources– sexual assault awareness, gender-based violence prevention, healthy relationships and sexual empowerment. Fellows are also responsible for securing and managing all volunteers, space and equipment needed to produce the finished product.

To see current One Student educational campaigns visit www.OneStudent.org/campaigns

HOW TO APPLY: To be considered for one of two fellowships being offered for the fall 2014 term, please submit the following:

  • Cover page that includes your name, campus, major, anticipated graduation date, phone number and email
  • Snapshot of your involvement on campus/ in your community (a resume is fine)
  • Sample(s) of your work
  • Short statement (up to 250 words) sharing why you’re interested in this position and what makes you the ideal candidate

Email to becca@onestudent.org with subject line: “production fellowship”

Application deadline for spring/summer 2015 Production Fellowship is Tuesday, March 3, 2015

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  • If you are a survivor of sexual assault seeking assistance, please contact your
    Campus or Community Rape Crisis Center, Campus Advocate or Counseling Center
    or contact one of these National resources:

    Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network (RAINN)
    1-800-656-HOPE (4673)

    National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC)

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