Monthly Archives: December 2010

NWLB Chapter Spotlight

Kelly Addington, Founder of One Student and Director of No Woman Left Behind recently had a chance to talk with Teresa Williamson, NWLB Advisor at the University of Arkansas about the impact the campaign has had on the Razorback community. Teresa is all energy all the time, but we got her to slow down long […]

Take action this winter break.

In the world of organizational allies, SAFER is on the top of our list. SAFER (students active for ending rape) is a collective volunteer powerhouse of activist rock stars who believe that all students have the right to a safe campus, free of sexual violence. The One Student posse could not agree more! SAFER empowers […]

Weekly Word Up

How will you show your partner love and respect this holiday season?

One Student, Sema Gifford speaks out about Human Rights Day

Today is INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS DAY. Please remember and think about what this means. Reflect on your rights and discover your own way to spread words of hope, love, and respect for those with out their rights. Please share articles online today via facebook about something that encourages and inspires you. Tell all your friends […]