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Healthy Sexual Relationships

When it comes to relationships, we are total health nuts! We beleive that healthy sexual relationships should be based on mutual respect. Here are six suggestions to help keep your relationship mututally benefitial, delicious, safe and emotionally nutritious! 1)    Discuss sex and establishing your own sexual boundaries BEFORE you engage in sexual activity.  Sexual activity does NOT just […]

Signs of an Abusive Relationship

Red Flags of a potential Sexually Abusive Situation 1)  Someone who tries to separate you from your friends at a party 2)  Someone who keeps feeding you alcohol to make you very drunk 3)  Someone who wants to “take you somewhere private” and you’ve only known them for a few hours 4)  Someone who calls […]
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Primary Prevention

A post from Carmen with Sexual violence infects human society and runs rampant across the globe, especially in the United States. A sexual assault occurs every two minutes in the United States, and rape statistics are at their worst when referring to women on college campuses. Yet, amid all this, there is more than […]
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