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-Be an Active Bystander-

By Cat Cleary As a college student and someone active in the movement against violence against women, I have found that it can sometimes be difficult to educate students and academic communities about the issues of relationship violence, sexual assault, and stalking. Often what I encounter are victim-blaming comments, offensive jokes, or a minimization of […]

One Student exclusive interview with Catherine Cleary

Meet Cat! She’s a campus and community activist, proud feminist and new member of the One Student Editorial Board. We’re feeling pretty. darn. lucky. to have her on our team! (left- Laura and Cat) Interview with Cat. Are you majoring in the area you thought you would? Definitely not! I began my first year at Saint Mary’s College […]
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Life, Liberty and Equality for All

by Coley Bochman The One Student campaign promotes the idea that one person can make a difference in producing change. President Barack Obama’s recent announcement publically declaring his support for same-sex marriage is an excellent example of one person having the ability to produce change. His announcement has ignited a spark of social change as […]
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One Student exclusive interview with Nicole Bochman

We’re happy to introduce you to Coley. We’re pretty sure you’re going to dig this animal loving, vegan baking Virgo just as much as we do!    Interview with Coley. Are you majoring in the area you thought you would? Yes and no, I am still a psychology major but I just added another major of Global […]