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by Victoria Calderon   I read once that discovery wasn’t so much as seeking new lands but learning to see things with new eyes – a new perspective. This July, I embarked on my own discovery to Guatemala, where I learned at the hand of strangers and volunteers a newfound sense of hope, strength, kindness […]
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Partners in the Movement

by Cat Cleary As a Women’s Studies major at a women’s college, I was often confronted with one particular misconception.  I am a woman, my classmates were women, and together many of us were working to combat the wage gap, violence against women, and a whole host of other social issues relating to gender inequity. […]

Women of the World Rejoice!

by Nichole Bochman Women of the world rejoice! The only product made for women to protect themselves against sexually transmitted infections has been revamped! The female condom is now made of new material and is ready to transform the way you think about protection. What is it? If you are thinking, “What’s a female condom?” […]

Rape Myths

by Adam Kaiser Unfortunately, the occurrence of sexual violence is far too common in society today.  The negative effects of sexual violence on our society, especially on women, cannot be overstated.  Most would agree that, sadly, we live in a “culture of violence.”  Many factors contribute to a “culture of violence.”  One of these factors […]