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Speaking Out

One of the greatest honors we receive is a student sharing their story with us. We were recently contacted by a survivor who beautifully expressed why it was important to tell her story with candor and in our opinion courage. We are happy to introduce you to one student who is making a difference…  By […]
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Joe Biden: longtime crusader in the movement against violence against women

by Cat Cleary Known for his untimely and unfortunate gaffes, Vice President Joe Biden doesn’t exactly seem like he would be the ideal spokesperson for any particular issue or movement. But what much of the public does not hear about our dear Vice President is the extent of his involvement and activism within the movement […]

Who Are They to Say Who Can’t Be a Leader?

by Sarah Kaminski Scouting surrounded my life growing up. I was a Girl Scout, my mom was an assistant troop leader, my dad was a Scoutmaster, and my brother and dad are both Eagle Scouts. Throughout my childhood, countless lessons were learned about dedication, leadership, and friendships. The same can be said for my brother and […]
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