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The Invisible War

by Jessica Spohn Recently, the documentary  “The Invisible War” was screened at my University. It is a powerful new film  released in June 2012 about Military Service Trauma (MST)—a topic that has long  been kept hidden. Military Service Trauma is defined by U.S. Code 1720D of Title 38 as “trauma… resulted from a physical assault […]

Tips for Incoming Freshmen

by Coley Bochman Congratulations! You made it. Welcome to college life, class of 2016! These next four years will be the best years of your life and I advise and challenge you to make the best of them. As I enter into my senior year, I’d like to pass down a few things  I have […]

Competent Caring

by Jessica Spohn Something that bothers me is how quickly others expect individuals to bounce back from any kind of trauma—surgery, failing a class, or divorce, but especially domestic abuse and rape. There seems to be a lack of understanding that each survivor may exhibit a spectrum of emotional responses to the trauma (e.g., calm, […]
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Ann Arbor is a Whore

by Cat Cleary One of my favorite parts about fall is that along with pumpkin spice lattes and ‘jeans and sweatshirt’ weather comes college football tailgating season. Forget the actual football games—I’m here for the food, friends, and school spirit. I was lucky enough to recently travel to South Bend, Indiana, to watch the University […]