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#YATO Ambassador program

One Student ( has an exceptional opportunity for you to become a YATO Ambassador. This unique partnership is provided in honor of One Student founders Kelly Addington & Becca Tieder (, their friendship and their fight to shift the culture and help end sexual violence. Without the bond between these lifelong friends, One Student would […]


I have been getting quite a few emails and Facebook messages lately from students we met 5-10 years ago to thank us for our work, to share with us parts of their story, or to ask questions. It has been the most meaningful gift I have ever received to think what we have done has […]
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Consent ed starts way too late.

In most homes, talk about consent happens way too late. It is a shame really. Because you have a ton of legal adults dumbfounded by the concept. Don’t believe me? Ask a higher ed professional, They want a specific metric to understand and enter into a sexual act. But life is messy and requires human […]
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How we do, what we do.

One Student is a small grassroots international non-profit that is run with love and by volunteers. We have a fabulous team of thought leaders who consult for us and volunteers who give their love, honesty and sweat equity. The real secret to our success is we work very hard to create tool and resources that […]
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