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Media Inquiries

Media Inquiries One Student is thrilled to have members of the media reach out to us to address questions about current issues regarding sexual assault, campus climate, creating social change, #consentculture, sexual empowerment, Why Sexversations?, talking to your kids before they leave for college, how to access some of our free and fabulous tools and […]
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Our Vice President

Today our Vice President Joe Biden penned this beautiful letter. He makes me proud. He makes me believe. He reminds me of what we have done and what we can do. But most of all I hope it brings some peace to the Survivor for whom it is written. Always- Becca An Open Letter to […]
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Words that shape us.

I may seem to be a little hypersensitive to language, but it’s with good reason. Language is important and impacts our feelings, values, trust, self-worth and so much more. I really like the pediatric dental practice we go to and believe that they do an excellent job and provide wonderful care. However, when the dental hygienist responds […]

Forever Team Julia

One of the greatest gifts of this work is meeting others who are changing the landscape and conversation surrounding sexual violence. Please meet Julia Dixon, a dear friend you can follow at @PAVEJuliaDixon. Her words are painfully honest and relevant. We appreciate her willingness to write them and share them with the world. They like […]
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