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Momastery & OneStudent live happily ever after

What do & have in common? We are crushers of antiquated thought processes & changing the world by asking people to think differently about long-held ideas about really big stuff. Like God, and sex and relationships. So The One Student team was pleased to play a leading role in bringing this truth-telling soul sister to […]

And we will march.

  It is a scary time for many of the students, youth, parents and active leaders we meet on our journey to foster a #consentculture. They fear our hard-fought progress will at best be halted and or even be taken away. They also fear a growing sense of violence against women, people of color, Muslims […]
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Our Holiday Gift to all of you!

Our holiday gift to you! Our clients and campus partners have been asking us for ways to effectively educate on consent. Tis the season, ask and you shall receive! We are pleased to share the latest One Student campaign with you. We invite you to view “ Formula for Consent,” discuss, share and repeat (often).   Call […]
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