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Create a culture of consent

We want to help you change your culture. The program is outlined here, This program has enabled us to work far more deeply and holistically with campuses and organizations to address not only their needs regarding education related to sexual assault but assessment, creating climate change, providing tools, establishing programs and providing expertise to helpinf institutions […]

Classic Rape Culture, Fred!

So I am sitting in my car at the baseball field (nursing a headache that won’t go away after a week- which sucks but more on that later) and I decide to get caught up on my facebook messages which I am not good about reading. And my very cool friend who I would like […]
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Seeking 2017 Production Fellow

Do you have a story to tell? Are you ready to inspire the next great conversation about social change? Do you want to challenge people’s thoughts about sexual assault, gender-based violence prevention, healthy relationships, social justice and sexual empowerment? One Student is seeking talented students with film and media experience to help develop and produce […]
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Yes! Yes! Yes! I am obsessed with Annalisa & Liza’s #consent video

Check out these two #consentculture rock stars. They have just released a new video- that we are loving. It is so good we wanted to get to know them better so they were kind enough to let us get to know the brains behind the project. Please share it…and let us know what you think. […]
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