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Who We Are


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One Student is a non-profit organization that provides cutting edge programs, resources and opportunities that engage students to create social change to reduce sexual violence.

Mission Statement

One Student provides students and their allies with programs, resources and opportunities to address sexual violence.


  • We will treat survivors, secondary survivors and allies with understanding, courage and respect.
  • We will remain committed to offering inclusive, accurate and honest education.
  • We agree to continue to evolve as an organization by remaining open to new opinions and ideas.
  • We will be mindful of our audience’s unique point of view and strive to deliver a message that speaks to the youth and allies we serve.
  • We value the full range of human diversity and seek to involve diverse populations in our staff, board, volunteers and our clientele.

What We Do

  • Encourage students to talk about sexual assault and healthy sexuality within their communities.
  • Increase knowledge about sexual violence through programming, outreach and online resources.
  • Educate students on immediate actions they can take as bystanders in potential or actual situations of sexual violence.
  • Engage stakeholders on college campuses to lead their communities towards zero tolerance for sexual violence.
  • Provide support for parents of young adult victims of sexual assault.
  • Introduce students and their allies to creative people, tools and resources to address the issues related to sexual assault.
  • Partner with organizations that are providing services and resources that help support our mission.

Why One Student?

A Message from the Founders, 11/1/2010

In college we were faced with an experience that rocked us to the core and forever changed our lives. As a rape survivor and her best friend we did not know where to go for support, so we turned to each other. We had no idea our personal experience with sexual assault would send us on an extraordinary journey to shift our campus culture and help build a community with zero tolerance for sexual violence. We followed our hearts and our gut because we truly believed that we could make a difference. After months of discussion, research, planning and lots of soul searching we put together an original program to share our story of surviving sexual assault in order to help bring awareness to a topic that most people were afraid to talk about; our program was aptly titled, Let’s Talk About “IT”.  We shared our message with our campus community. One community turned into two, then three and now more than 300 campuses later our mission continues to grow and we are more hopeful than ever that empowered students will build safer, stronger and more respectful communities.

While we are proud of our accomplishments we recognize that we did not do this alone. Family, friends, student leaders, campus professionals, activists and allies have helped us every step of the way. They have challenged us, encouraged us and most of all their words and actions have given us the strength to continue to carry on and for that we will be forever grateful. The past ten years have been an incredible journey and the greatest moments have come from the students we have had the pleasure of meeting along the way, individuals whose trust we earned and whose stories changed our life.

  • The college senior who came back to see us at a program on her campus three years later because our words had stayed with her and she was able to prevent her own sexual assault.
  • The partner of a survivor who shared with us, that he finally felt like he could talk to and support his girlfriend through her recovery.
  • The survivor who has been silent but shared that she wants to face her nightmare and begin to heal.
  • The athlete who realized that there are simple things they can do to help keep their friends safe.
  • The survivor whose family did not believe them when they spoke out but they now know it was not their fault.
  • The woman who found us over the internet after her own sexual assault, reached out to us for support and in turn has touched and inspired our lives beyond measure.
Despite our best efforts these individuals need more from us. They need cutting edge programs to help combat this epidemic. We know these students can shift the culture on their campus and in their community if we provide them the tools, programs and resources. To meet this need we founded the non-profit organization One Student, based on our core belief that one sexual assault is too many and one student can make a difference. Since we began working to end sexual violence, we have focused our energy on college students because we believe that there is not a more powerful community in which radical, sweeping change can quickly occur. College students affect our music, trends and politics, so it stands to reason that if college students and subsequently college campuses begin to change the way they think about sex and sexual violence we can drastically reduce sexual assault in America. One Student’s mission is to provide students and their allies with programs, resources and opportunities to address sexual violence. Our vision is for One Student to help communities think differently about sexual assault, to change the way generations view sex, respect, consent and sexual assault and to become the leading organization to engage students in ending sexual violence. To start, we will do this through two major programs, No Woman Left Behind and The Collegiate Consortium. We will also provide support to parents of young adult survivors and offer students the best in new media to engage their community. Every voice deserves to be heard and every student should know that they have the power to help make a difference. Change begins with one student, one campus one community. If you believe in the future of One Student as much as we believe in you, get ready folks, because together we are about to move mountains!


Kelly Addington & Becca Tieder One Student Founders / 2 Soul Sisters on a Mission



Kelly Addington
Paul N. Gross, Esq
Legal Counsel
Sabrina Sadler
NWLB Coordinator
Becca Tieder

Board of Directors

Katie VIckers
Corey Lilburn
Vice Chair
Dr. Liana Fox
Judge Raymond Gross
Connie Nachman