Classic Rape Culture, Fred!

So I am sitting in my car at the baseball field (nursing a headache that won’t go away after a week- which sucks but more on that later) and I decide to get caught up on my facebook messages which I am not good about reading. And my very cool friend who I would like to be more like, Lisa sent me some #Bystander education stuff from the Navy. Her fab kid is playing soccer for them and is a genius and all other kind of cool stuff. So I check it out and it’s good and left over from the Biden days when our administration cared about #sexualassault. But I made the fatal flaw…I averted my gaze south…to the comments. And here is what I saw. This genius (see below). Which of course I could not walk away from. Which his argument about men and women being in confined spaces always resulting in #rapeageddon is the weakest argument of all time. It fundamentally says that all men will resort to #rape if enclosed for a period of time with women. Stop for a moment. Does this not enrage you? As a woman? As a man? As a non binary person? As a person drawing air? It’s so twisted. What is tells me is that, “Fred” the author of the comment has some deeply twisted shit to work out. Maybe it’s a lifetime of messaging. Maybe he’s a sexual predator. Maybe he’s an inflammatory prick. But I have heard this so. many. times. And we really need to think about what is being said. Because the message (regardless of the messenger) is very disturbing. It tells victims they deserved it- which they never do. I repeat never. And it perpetuates this myth that men are animals. It makes engaged bystanders feel helpless- not helpful. It starts to undo everything the video I watched before I read Fred’s comment asked us to do. But if we put them together. If we take Fred’s garbage and we reject it. And we talk to our men and women and all breathing people and ask them to assume that we won’t rape each other when we are in close proximity for extended periods of time. And if there is a rapist in our proximity that we accept it is not the survivors fault then maybe…we can really start to move the needle and create a #consentculture. Join us tomorrow as we talk more at 930 on fb live. @onestudentorg



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