Consent ed starts way too late.

In most homes, talk about consent happens way too late. It is a shame really. Because you have a ton of legal adults dumbfounded by the concept. Don’t believe me? Ask a higher ed professional, They want a specific metric to understand and enter into a sexual act. But life is messy and requires human interaction and communication and frankly that is where we also fall in love and learn the most about ourselves and our partners. We have lots of great tools and resources for adults (so never fear) at and on our sister site the consent capital but in the interim let’s talk to parents.

So…parents, or people who may wish to be parents…ask your children’s permission before you touch them. Teach them they have autonomy over their bodies. Don’t make them kiss your Aunt Golda because it;’s easier for you. Be the adult. Model behavior that creates a #consentculture. If you need to know more about what the heck that means?? Never fear,  we talk about that a lot so come and hang with us. Don’t underestimate your daughter or desensitize your son. And forgive yourself now for any mistakes you have made, will make and will make again since you are a human parent. This parenting gig is tough. There are not enough time outs but it is a team sport.

PS We know you only go through the Halloween candy for “razor blades” to cherry pick your favs. 



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