Create a culture of consent

We want to help you change your culture.

The program is outlined here,

This program has enabled us to work far more deeply and holistically with campuses and organizations to address not only their needs regarding education related to sexual assault but assessment, creating climate change, providing tools, establishing programs and providing expertise to helpinf institutions meet one primary Goal: To change students knowledge, attitudes and behaviors regarding sex, respect, consent and sexual assault—creating what we call a culture on consent.


The way it is facilitated is through numerous campus visits (for both meetings, trainings, preparation and execution of the custom plan for your community). The organization of a team of faculty, students and staff is critical. This team will be a starting point of who we will learn from, educate and provide tools and resources for. Once we do that successfully we will equip them as professionals to better meet the needs of the students they serve. Then it is off to the races….


Our team is also readily available for phone and online meetings. The fees vary based on your location and your specific needs but our pilot partners are receiving a significant discount off ala carte services. Agreements include all programs, consulting, campus visits, resources, professional support, data collection and more for the entire 24 months. The cost, while certainly an investment-is variant based on which services interest you all the most and based on the outcomes a worthy investment.

We would be honored to present you with a formal proposal to review our current offerings and set up a time to discuss what most meets the needs of your community. We do not believe in one size fits all and this is no exception. You know what you need now and we believe our team is best equipped to provide it, this is and must be a very symbiotic relationship. We also limit the number of partners we will accept because of the amount of time and attention we provide them. We are still reviewing partners for 2017-2018 so if you think this is of interest, we would love to take this discussion further.

If you are ready to create a #consentculture. Call us. phone

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