Greeks playing a role in preventing sexual assault.

In Adara’s words.

Greek students make up a substantial portion of the student body of many college campuses around the nation. With sexual assault being a serious issue among young adults, it is imperative that Greek students unite to stand against what effects several of their peers daily. While Greek students should actively participate, they should also involve independent (non-Greek) students as well as means of unity and matter of wholeness considering this is an issue among all students, not just Greeks. There are several ways Greeks could begin awareness on their campuses. First and foremost, education on the issue should be the initial event to raise awareness. More than likely, students may not know exactly what constitutes sexual assault. Educating the campus community about sexual assault, consent and relationship violence is a good place to start. This could be as simple as asking the campus victim advocate, counselor, peer educator or faculty member, etc. to speak. Food and door prizes can be a great way to attract students to the event. Forming a committee for the movement on campus would be beneficial for advertisement and outreach. This is not an impossible task and should be implemented on campuses more often! Remember, One Student can help. Contact us at for information about bringing awareness to your community.

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