Let’s listen together.

Many people, including me are feeling overwhelmed by news stories being shared almost daily about men who have committed acts of rape, sexual assault, harassment and misconduct. This is progress. Part of me is like, “no shit, it’s about time.” While the other part of me is like, “holy shit, this is really happening.” I am glad that many women are ready and willing to share, stories are coming to light and men are being held accountable for these criminal acts. It is a lot coming at us. A lot to digest. Take the time and space you need, but if you can help it, please don’t stop listening. What we need now is a lot of conversation. Open, honest, messy, vulnerable conversations about consent, rape culture, privilege, power and acknowledgement, respect, understanding and support for survivors. This is hard stuff. Social change is never easy, but together, we can listen to each other. Really listen. We can do this–we must do this. We can shift culture. One conversation at a time. #consentculture #metoo 


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