Make Waves with One Student

One Student is all about taking action to reduce sexual violence and create a culture of consent. We need your support to continue the ripple effect, because one sexual assault it too many and one student can make a difference. Please join us in making waves of change to reduce sexual violence and help create a culture of consent. Click here to donate. 

We are fueled by the passion and determination of the students we work with and hold tight to our belief that lasting change can occur if we continue having important conversations. Please help us reach our $6,000 goal so we can continue to be a resource for students and their allies, survivors and their loved ones, activists and advocates who are on the front lines and to parents who are raising children to live in a culture with less sexual violence.  

Just $10 will make a difference and help us continue this important work. $1,000 will help us provide more resources to more people, creating waves of change faster and with a farther reach. But really, giving an amount that’s comfortable for you is all we ask. Please do what you can and know that your gift makes a difference. The Make Waves with One Student Campaign is helping to create a culture of consent. If 20 people contribute, that’s cool. We can do a little bit more. If 100 people participate, even better. The ripple begins to grow. If hundreds of people join the cause, that’s a community shifting culture—together, we are making waves of change! 

Your gift will help One Student deliver:

  • Social norm campaigns, that begin critical conversations on campus, in communities and in homes.
  • One Student workshops for college students and campus professionals
  • Virtual and community programs for parents
  • Resources for survivors and secondary survivors
  • The ability to put powerful tools in the hands of those committed to creating Waves of Change

Thank you for your support!  We appreciate you joining us on our mission to reduce sexual violence and build communities of consent, care and respect.



Make Waves with One Student on Crowdrise



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