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Why we need a #consentculture

I have been asked for some of my thoughts on the current ‪#‎BrockTurner‬ case so here they are: I think that the outrage is justified. And here is why. If he was a man (he’s not a child) of color, poor or not a star athlete he would have received different treatment by the system. Frankly as someone who has done this work for 13 years- all over the county and One Student is utilized all over the world I am shocked he was convicted. Yet- thankful. But the judge gave the most gentle sentence possible and is sending him to jail not prison. Maybe that’s the right choice- that I cannot not comment on- it is the judges commentary that it would such a grave impact on him to do otherwise that is why people are raging at him. And that is not ok. Brock Turner, the rapist, has not apologized (perhaps at the urging of his lawyers? Perhaps he is a monster?) His fathers statement tells me (you can read some of my additional thoughts in on Twitter at @onestudentorg and @beccatalks) that there was clearly little to no ‪#‎consent‬ education in the home. It reeked of privilege. No acknowledgment that their child a convicted rapist did anything wrong And frankly as a parent that angers me. They are failing their son. I expect them to love him without pause but now here they are and the fact remains ‪#‎brockturnerisarapist‬ . We have a responsibility to have layered conversations with our children about #consent sex, love, values. These are not always easy but it is our job and we signed up to do it. Push through the discomfort. Ask for help. This case is not complicated. You don’t rape people behind dumpsters. That is not sex. Are we destroying this “young man” online? No? What the Internet did to Justine Sacco was wrong. What “we” sometimes do (dismantle lives in a matter of hours for an attempt at humor) to normal people for stupid comments we make online. Not ok. Outrage for a rapist being held to a different standard. Justified. Anyone who says disgusting things things like “I hope he gets what’s coming to him in prison” is wrong. That’s egregious and unacceptable. But the general discourse from is earned and hopefully stirs a larger conversation like this one. ❤️ Please share for our many free tools, resources and campaigns to address sexual assault and create a culture of #consent.



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Send love & light to Becca

Our Co-Founder Becca Tieder is having major surgery to bring her sexy back. Just kidding, she is all good there. It is her back that went whack. Her spine is not longer quite divine, so please send healing energy love and light as she goes in for repair and know that we are a small team so our response time may be delayed as we support our family member as she is on medical leave. photo59

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We Love Filming Day!

In honor of Sexual Assault Awareness Month we are filming our latest and hopefully greatest campaign for the One Student Global family. Keep an eye on #iamonestudent for lots of on set photos and glimpses into what we hope will bring great conversations and social change.



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Tampa Area Opportunity

One Student serves an International community, which is both awesome and at times overwhelming. It’s a big world. The one on one human connection is so powerful and healing which is why our team travels so much, especially our Founders Kelly and Becca. The visits make it possible for us to have the conversations, or conversation starters in person. So we are thrilled to have one in our “hometown” and that our partner is opening it up to our friends and family. If you are interested and want tickets- let us know. You can email info@onestudent for this date and they will take care of you. Cause hey, that’s what friends are for!

Thank you, to our friends at The University of Tampa for their generosity.


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