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Solving an Identity Crisis: Building a Brand

by Matt Pfouts

“Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing.”

Students are bombarded with different resources that address a variety of concerns. Binge drinking? There’s a pamphlet for that. Drugs? There’s a pamphlet for that. For any and every issue that faces college students there are dozens of organizations willing to provide you with resources to help solve them. Sexual health education and sexual assault prevention/awareness are no exception. Although a variety of resources can be helpful, they don’t create an image or a brand. In order to solve this identity crisis, we should encourage colleges and universities to streamline their resources so they can have a lasting impact on students.

So why is it important to form an identity for your sexual assault awareness initiatives? Brands help build inclusivity. They become not only recognizable, but memorable as well. You learn more from resources from a single source. Think of resources like storybooks. You want to have a cohesive beginning, middle, and end in order for the information to make sense.

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2013 Editorial Board

Our Editorial Board welcomed two new writers this spring Andrea Atherton and Chassidy Gipson. They are joined by the talented Jessica Spohn who has written for us over the past year. Their editor is the amazing and accomplished Dr. Kayte Branch. To learn more about this exciting program or to submit articles for consideration check the e-board page here.

Since Jessica has become a special part of our family this past year we wanted you to get to know her better, we recently sat down with her to learn more about the woman behind the words. One quick read and you will know why we are her super fans!

Jessica Spohn is a dual Master’s degree student in Public Health and Social Work at New Mexico State University. Her main focus for advocacy and education is with the GLBTQ community, sexual and relationship violence, and alcohol/tobacco harm reduction. She is super excited to have the honor of continuing to write for the Editorial Board! You can (try to) follow Jessica’s random thoughts and ideas on why living like 5-year-olds will solve the world’s problems on Twitter at @lessthanthreeya

What made you want to be a part of the One Student Editorial Board?
A lot of the news we see on TV and read in articles is biased and victim blaming. I want to voice the flip side, or both sides, or congratulate the good stories. We need more focus on bystander intervention and general education on diversity if we are going to make progress in defeating rape culture. Plus, I’ve been a fan of One Student since it launched; the No Woman Left Behind campaign is very special to me.
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Giveaway! Win a copy of “You Are the One” film


In 2012, filmmaker Barbara Rosenthal followed One Student co-founders Kelly Addington and Becca Tieder as they shared their message of sexual empowerment, sexual assault prevention and social change with college campuses throughout the country. The result is “You Are the One” a thought provoking; laugh out loud, candid examination of the role we can all play in reducing sexual violence. This acclaimed film features thought leaders and inspires conversation.

The One Student family understands that not everyone has the resources to purchase a copy of the film, educational toolkit and public license, so we decided to give 12 copies away. How sweet is the prize? A copy of the film and public license retails for $175 and it could be yours for FREE! This means your campus community can host unlimited screenings for an unlimited time period. Not too shabby.

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Meet One Student’s spring intern, Matt Pfouts

Matt PfoutsMatt Pfouts is a persistent and innovative student at Wittenberg University in Springfield, OH. He is pursuing a degree in Business and Communication with a concentration in Marketing. Matthew is a self-starter and believes that everyone has a purpose or calling to help make our world a better place. His purpose: Educate and empower women to lead happy, healthy, and successful lives. Inparticular, sexual assault violence awareness has been one of his greatest passions. Extremely ambitious and big picture focused, he desires to think outside the box to create meaningful campaigns to change other people’s lives.

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