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#YATO Ambassador program

One Student ( has an exceptional opportunity for you to become a YATO Ambassador. This unique partnership is provided in honor of One Student founders Kelly Addington & Becca Tieder (, their friendship and their fight to shift the culture and help end sexual violence. Without the bond between these lifelong friends, One Student would not exist.

January 2016 marks 26 years of friendship for Kelly and Becca. In celebration of their 26th best-friendaversary (yes, it’s a thing!) we’re offering the gift of social change. To celebrate the power of friendship, survivors and secondary survivors we’re launching the YATO Ambassador program. 

Through February 14, 2016 all Ambassadors will receive a copy of the You Are the One ( documentary film, a public license for campus/ community screenings, comprehensive educational toolkit and a one-on-one phone call or online meeting with One Student staff — all for the cost of a film– $24 (retail value $275).

 Minimum expectations for YATO Ambassadors include:

  • Host at least one public screening of the film on campus or in your community in the spring of 2016
  • Use the hashtag #iamonestudent in all promotions (written, printed, and online) of screening event(s)
  • Provide #iamonestudent pictures from your event(s) to be included in a national collage
  • Share quotes about the film and actions taken following the film with the One Student team so that we can highlight the success of your campus program
  • Promote One Student resources; a few suggestions include: encouraging individuals to sign the One Student pledge, distribute one-pager resources, show the media campaigns prior to the screening and display the posters on campus to start conversations

Benefits of being a YATO Ambassador:

  • Access to the entire catalogue One Student resources
  • Phone call, Google Hangout or Skype meeting with One Student staff to discuss campus social change strategies
  • $151 discount on the YATO public license
  • Chance to be a part of a global social change squad
  • Online and social media publicity for your organization
  • Receive all the necessary tools and support from One Student headquarters to ensure the success of your Ambassadorship

Sound good? Great! We look forward to welcoming you to our social change crew. Let’s start critical conversations about sexual assault, social change and sexual empowerment together.

Steps to get started—

1. Email with subject line: YATO Ambassador and include the following:

  • Name
  • Campus
  • Organization or Department
  • Email
  • Mailing address
  • Phone
  • What do you hope to accomplish as a YATO Ambassador?

2. Mail a check for $24 payable to One Student at 303 Main Street, #1414 Safety Harbor, FL 34695 or pay by credit card online (

Once your email and payment is received you will be contacted by a One Student team member to officially welcome you as a YATO Ambassador and provide you with resources and additional details regarding the program. Special pricing offered through February 2016.

Questions? Call 813-784-7337 or email


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I have been getting quite a few emails and Facebook messages lately from students we met 5-10 years ago to thank us for our work, to share with us parts of their story, or to ask questions. It has been the most meaningful gift I have ever received to think what we have done has mattered so far into the future. A week ago a woman asked Kelly to never stop doing what we are doing . To think it stays with someone into the future and makes an impact- moves me deeply. Thank you to every professional who has allowed us to walk on your campus. It is an honor. We have spent the last few months making very specific choices about the work we say yes to and who we partner with-as we want to make an even larger impact on the lives of students we are honored to serve. Thank you for the journey. It has been one hell of a ride.  #iamonestudent

Love and good lighting-

Becca @beccatalks


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Consent ed starts way too late.

In most homes, talk about consent happens way too late. It is a shame really. Because you have a ton of legal adults dumbfounded by the concept. Don’t believe me? Ask a higher ed professional, They want a specific metric to understand and enter into a sexual act. But life is messy and requires human interaction and communication and frankly that is where we also fall in love and learn the most about ourselves and our partners. We have lots of great tools and resources for adults (so never fear) at and on our sister site the consent capital but in the interim let’s talk to parents.

So…parents, or people who may wish to be parents…ask your children’s permission before you touch them. Teach them they have autonomy over their bodies. Don’t make them kiss your Aunt Golda because it;’s easier for you. Be the adult. Model behavior that creates a #consentculture. If you need to know more about what the heck that means?? Never fear,  we talk about that a lot so come and hang with us. Don’t underestimate your daughter or desensitize your son. And forgive yourself now for any mistakes you have made, will make and will make again since you are a human parent. This parenting gig is tough. There are not enough time outs but it is a team sport.

PS We know you only go through the Halloween candy for “razor blades” to cherry pick your favs. 



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How we do, what we do.

One Student is a small grassroots international non-profit that is run with love and by volunteers. We have a fabulous team of thought leaders who consult for us and volunteers who give their love, honesty and sweat equity. The real secret to our success is we work very hard to create tool and resources that are applicable, on point and remove the barriers of access the most students. We are able to provide most of our products for free so that we can keep spreading the love and good ed. If you dog what we do, tell your friends. If you want to contribute your time- tell us. If you want to make a donation, visit donate and we will dance and sing your praises.

Most of all, tell your friends about our corner of the world, help us spread the word and know that; one sexual assault is too many and one student can make a difference. #iamonestudent.


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