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And we will march.



It is a scary time for many of the students, youth, parents and active leaders we meet on our journey to foster a #consentculture. They fear our hard-fought progress will at best be halted and or even be taken away. They also fear a growing sense of violence against women, people of color, Muslims and Jews and members of the LGBTIQ community.

Steps toward equality, inclusion and dialogue that helps to dismantle some of these oppressions seem more important than ever. So the One Student leadership has made a formal commitment to stand with countless other in Washington D.C. on January 21 and we will march. We will march for equality. We will march for survivors. We will march to preserve progress. We will march because going forward is our only option.

Please join us.

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Our Holiday Gift to all of you!


Our holiday gift to you!

Our clients and campus partners have been asking us for ways to effectively educate on consent. Tis the season, ask and you shall receive! We are pleased to share the latest One Student campaign with you. We invite you to view “ Formula for Consent,” discuss, share and repeat (often).


Call it practical or wishful, our holiday gift to you is a timely tool to help create a culture of consent! How joyful is that? Our hope is that this new campaign will help start important and honest conversations about consent, because we believe that if we can get students and their allies talking with each other about how to navigate consent, we can reduce sexual violence.


More about this festive holiday package: Formula for Consent video description:


What can we do to help create a culture of #consent and respect? This One Student Campaign takes a look at how college students are navigating consent and the importance of education and face-to-face conversations about consent. Consent is not an equation, it’s a conversation. Start one today! One student’s voice is incredibly powerful. #iamonestudent



Following a discussion about the campaign, we encourage viewers to take the first step in creating a consent culture and sign the One student Pledge


Thank you for all you do! We are grateful for your partnership and support.

Happiest of holidays!


Kelly & Becca

PS: For more about bringing us to campus or how to better utilize One Student tools do not hesitate to reach out. Also visit as well as

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five fab things we can say to help create a #consentculture



five fab things we can say to help create a #consentculture

1. You never owe anyone your time and you should spend it with people you want to hang out with.

2. You get to choose who you want to show affection to/have sexual experiences with (be that hugging, kissing or otherwise).

3. Consent is important. No one has the right to touch you without your permission regardless of whether you are in a relationship, if you are intoxicated, if you feel pressured or otherwise.

4. All human beings deserve to be treated with respect and dignity, and if you see someone who is unable to care for themselves, look for a safe way to make sure they are okay.

5. Regardless of the choices you may make, I will always show up for you without judgement. I will always be honest. My love for you overrules everything else.

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Great Sexpectations!

great sexpectationsOne Student co-founder Becca Tieder (@beccatalks) has traveled the nation addressing sexual assault, rape culture and gender norms. After speaking to over one million people, Becca has seen the ripple effect that follows after honest conversations about sexual assault, sex and relationships that are void of shame. This new program introduces conversation starters that encourage attendees to be better friends, partners and community members. We all have a role to play in creating a #consentculture and creating sexually empowered communities. From porn to purity rings there is tremendous pressure on people to meet sexual ideals. It’s time to have frank discussions about issues that may get in the way of expressing our own sexpectations and creating a #consentculture. Learning to turn our internal monologue into an external one: where we can express our feelings to partners and to build the skills to act on our gut instincts as an engaged bystander. This session encourages positive, open and honest conversations about sexual health to help create healthier relationships, engaged bystanders and communities that support survivors of sexual assault. This program opens the door to start powerful conversations and puts tools to help shift campus culture in the hands of students who can transform their communities. Walk in with desire to make your relationships and communities better — walk out a sexually empowered social change agent.

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