• Campus Partnership

One Students’ mission is to provide “students and their allies with programs, resources and opportunities to address sexual violence”.  The organization was founded based on the core belief that one sexual assault is too many and one student can make a difference.  We know students can shift the culture on their campus and in their community.  We have focused our energy on students because we believe, as history suggests, that there is not a more powerful community in which radical, sweeping change can quickly occur.

Since our founding, two programs—No Woman Left Behind and The Collegiate Consortium—have become One Student’s signature programs.  Both programs have impacted many students on many campuses across the United States.  But we still feel called by campuses to do more to help them shift the culture and reduce sexual violence.


Two-Year Partnership with Select Campuses

One Student has put together a comprehensive, research-based, student-led, staff-supported approach to engaging an entire campus in culture change.  The approach – grounded in developmentally appropriate, student learning centered education—combines the best of sexual assault prevention, culture change, and leadership development research.

The goal: To change students knowledge, attitudes and behaviors regarding sex, respect, consent and sexual assault—creating what we call a prevention culture.

The outcome: empowered student leaders, a campus culture intolerant of sexual assault, and reduced sexual violence.

Accomplishing this will require a 50/50 partnership between One Student and select campuses over a two year period.


The Approach – In Brief

One Student will work with key students, staff and community members to put together a planning team that represents the diversity of your campus and the interconnected nature of sexual assault with alcohol and other drugs, relationship violence, and mental health (to name a few).  This team will receive training on leading culture change, will be educated on sexual assault prevention, and will assist the One Student team in coordinating logistics and communicating with campus stakeholders.

Work will begin by learning about the campus.  One Student will review key campus documents and data and will conduct a campus climate audit.  This audit will begin with a series of in-person interviews which will inform the customization of a campus-wide survey.  Data collected will be used to make purposeful decisions about educational interventions and as a baseline against which impact will be measured.  The same survey will be re-administered at the end of years one and two.

One Student will review the campus climate findings and subsequent recommendations with the planning team.  Collaboratively, One Student and the planning team will build a strategic plan for the next two years.  This plan will address the who, what, and when questions of program delivery.

Educational interventions may include, but are not limited to:

  • Kelly and Becca’s “Let’s Talk About ‘IT’” lecture
  • “Sexversations®”, an interactive program
  • “Sexversations®” train-the-trainer session
  • “You Are the One” documentary screenings and in-person/virtual discussions with Kelly and Becca
  • Bystander training
  • Social change training
  • Peer-led training for high school and college students
  • Customized social norm campaigns


Other interventions to support campus climate change may include:

  • Presentations to the board of trustees and/or other senior leaders
  • Parent orientation programs
  • Training for faculty and staff


The Investment

One Student is offering this comprehensive two year program to a limited number of campuses. This is a unique chance to provide a multitude of quality educational programs and meaningful engagement opportunities for an entire campus at an exceptional all-inclusive rate. Please call (813) 784-7337 or email info@onestudent.org to find out if your campus is eligible.