The Power of the Ripple Effect

Thanks to all who made a gift in support of the Make Waves with One Student Campaign. It is more significant than you might think. Your generosity allows us to provide resources and services to help students and their allies to address sexual assault and create a culture of consent. We know the power of the ripple effect, because we have seen it in action while working with students like Chaz, Chrissy, Jess and Ryan. Together, we are shifting culture one student at a time. Thank you for making waves with us!

“One Student has helped show me how powerful my voice––or anyone else’s––can be in the fight against sexual assault and the different aspects of our society that can influence people to downplay it. Kelly and Becca have done an awesome job of educating students and raising awareness about sexual violence around the world, and I’m looking forward to see all else that they accomplish together.” – Chaz, New York University ‘21


“One Student helped me create an important dialogue about consent and sexual health at the University of Maryland and within my chapter. I have learned to be a better bystander, listener, friend and sister at any given time or place. These conversations are ones that I will continue to help facilitate for the rest of my life. Thank you, One Student!”  – Chrissy, University of Maryland ‘17


“OneStudent has helped me become the strong person I am today. In my undergraduate, I worked with the No Woman Left Behind project and a sexual violence prevention internship that helped me realize I was a victim–now a survivor–of domestic and sexual violence. No one had ever told me that what had happened wasn’t a normal part of dating and relationships, but once I knew, OneStudent was there. They gave me a place to publish my views and experiences to help others who might have been in my situation. During my graduate degree, they helped bring the organization to my campus, which ultimately led to policy change around stalking and partner violence, and Becca came to speak to LGBTQ+ students during Pride Week. I am forever grateful, more than Becca and Kelly will ever know, for their positive impact on my life.” – Jess, University of Texas at El Paso MSW ‘17


“One Student helped empower me to contribute in a positive way on my undergraduate campus, and that leadership and those skills have transitioned to my adult life. One Student helped me practice and hone and understand my advocacy around sexual violence better, and this has enabled me to become a better advocate in all walks of life, including through writing, speaking, social media and my professional life. I am grateful for the opportunity One Student gave me to play a role in something bigger than myself, and to help “make waves” on an issue where we need it the most.”    – Ryan, Drake University ‘12


Students like this prove how powerful the ripple effect can be. #consentculture #iamonestudent

If you’d like to make a gift to support the Make Waves with One Student Campaign, please Click here to donate. 


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