My truth is my weapon.

by One Student co-founder Kelly Addington


Twitter trolls and the media’s role have me second guessing my facts.

The details are daunting

They come at me like an eerie blur each time my eyes close 

Reality? I lost that the night he raped me and might never get it back.


Truth is my weapon, but it’s pointed at me.

No matter what I say, you hear what you want.


Deny me, defy me, blame me or shame me.

Feel better now?  

That won’t make the truth go away.  


Proof, you ask?

No, I don’t have that.


He said, she said?

I say, its bullshit.


What does it matter, you don’t hear me, your mind is full. 

The judgment, the questions, the lack of respect

My truth is the truth.

For now, I’ll keep it to myself.


But, what I will say is this,

I’m a sister. I’m a daughter. I’m an Aunt.  I’m a friend.

Have one of those?

What’s her truth?



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