Yes! Yes! Yes! I am obsessed with Annalisa & Liza’s #consent video

Check out these two #consentculture rock stars. They have just released a new video- that we are loving. It is so good we wanted to get to know them better so they were kind enough to let us get to know the brains behind the project. Please share it…and let us know what you think. The video follows the interview.



When did you learn about consent?

We think we’re still learning about consent even to this day. We were first introduced to the concept as university sophomores, and the advisor of our peer support program has helped us create a curriculum to talk to other students about consent. All of these conversations are part of our learning process, and we’re constantly inspired by what people share in these sessions.

Why did you make this video?

We have campaigned for consent for 2 years, and a lot of people have told us that they don’t know how to ask for consent without making things awkward. We wanted to show that if you’re having a sexual encounter, there are so many things you can say that keep you both on the same page without killing the mood.

How did you come up with the concept?

We drew on our own experiences and asked our university classmates how they ask for consent, give consent, or say no. We used their answers to make this video – it was important that this felt both believable and actionable, and that meant using real phrases. We also wanted to be sure to mix and match “hand models” of all races and gender identities, as it’s on all of us to ensure we get consent in every sexual encounter.

What do you hope viewers take away from the piece?

Let’s be real here: communication is key. If you don’t talk, you don’t know what each other wants. That’s pretty risky. Consent is not only a way to prevent assault; it can also lead to a sexier time because you find out what your partner likes. Isn’t that a win-win situation?

And who are you when you are not making rad consent video’s? 
Annalisa is passionate about travel, social justice, and (of course) consent. When she is not planning workshops as a part of NYU Abu Dhabi’s peer support program, she can be found petting strangers’ dogs or reading Harry Potter (again).


Liza is a red-lip loving, panda enthusiast who can’t quite reconcile her love of adventure with her introverted desire to stay in bed and read. You will often find her in The Nook – NYUAD’s peer counselling space – or running around campus with a vanilla latte in hand, thinking of posts for her blog.

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